Saturday 1 April 2017

A Bit Of A Chin-Wag

Another day and more sun,I don't know what's going on with the weather at the moment but I'm not complaining it makes my adventures outside even more enjoyable than usual.
I'm not the only one River was loving sunbathing...
...she looked so happy I decided to pop over and have a bit of a chin-wag.
But I wasn't there long I heard a faint voice calling me.

Running towards where the sound was coming form I found Sofia hiding under Daddies car. I was so excited to see her it had been ages. I cautiously approached and nodded a hello, I think the smile on my face may have given more away than I was intending but I couldn't help myself.

I decided to pump up my confidence balloon and sat down next to her, cheekily I winked, she smiled back.

I asked her where she had been, she explained she'd been keeping a low profile, letting the dust properly settle since all the business last year with Flash, but since the sun was out and it had been months she thought she'd drop by to see how I was.

She didn't say it but I think she had missed me. We talked for about an hour before a drift of rain started to come down and we just sat and watched the sun fight it out with the grey clouds. After a while the rain stopped and Sofia turned to me and said she had better get off, it was nearing her dinner time and she had been promised chicken tonight.

We said goodbye, I nearly leaned in for a kiss but didn't want to face a knock back in case I'd misread the situation, we had been here after all before.
Looking t her walking off I felt happy but a little kicking myself for not at least offering a kiss on the cheek but my heart settled and I felt things were going to work out just right, there right in front of me in the direction Sofia was going a rainbow sent from the universe to let me know, whatever everything was going to be OK. 

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