Saturday 27 May 2017

The Chest Of Draws - A Nostalgic Day

Daddy has been up to his old tricks again today, he's been renovating an old set of draws.

The gangs all here it's a sunny Bank Holiday Saturday and the BBQ's been on.

I joined Daddy in a quiet moment and he told me some stories of the past, he;s been feeling very nostalgic, the chest of draws's has been bringing it out.

It was his mum's, stuck away in the cupboard in her bedroom when she lived here. Painted white when the cupboard came down, the gold paint came out and Daddy gave it it's first make over now it's my other Daddies turn and we're going art deco.

In the draw he also found a draw lining cut from some of the wall paper that this house was decorated in in the 80's. It's going in a frame on the wall apparently.

Yes it's been a sunny day and a nostalgic day as well.