Sunday 18 September 2016

My Distraction

I was teasing River by hiding and then calling out her name but ducking out of sight if she looked in my direction.

I got so into the game that I missed Sofia calling out to me until she was on her way out of the garden.

I was about to run over to her when I heard River winging on the bench about nearly falling through and that took my distraction away from following Sofia. 

By the time I realised she was OK Sofia was gone but at least I know she's not avoiding me, I settled down to do some thinking about the situation...

...when I heard River settling on Daddy and decided to be sociable and join them.

I was feeling rather frisky, River looked tired so I decided to play with Daddies arm.

It fascinated River.

We them both just had a sleep until it was time to come in for some dinner. River kept on trying to make me play with some mouse toy she'd been guarding. I wasn't interested.

No I was more interested in getting some much needed sleep all this emotion is exhausting.

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