Sunday 25 September 2016

I Wanted To Contibute

Things are returning a little more to normal now.

Last night we all went to our proper beds, River and our daddies up in their bed, me in my bed in the other room.

Of course I was the first up and about today, it's such a lovely day I didn't want to waste any of it inside.

I popped some dentabites into my mouth gotta keep those teeth clean, before going outside to search for Sofia. Nothing again, she seems to have gone to ground again still as I said it's a nice day so I fell asleep on the chair in the sun.
Waking when I heard everyone come outside for a bathroom break.
River looked a little more alert and I wanted to show her something, something I was doing to make things nicer for her. I approached her and asked her to follow me up the back of the garden. 
Our daddies have been keeping on top of things with their nursing duties but I wanted to contribute so I did what I thought I could.

I've cleared her favourite spot at the back of the garden, when she does most of her sunbathing and listening to the world, of all little weeds and stones and things so it's nice and comfy for her.

She said thank you but she still wasn't feeling up to spending much time outside.

It's thr thought that counts I suppose and of course it is all sorted for her when she is ready and I for one can't wait for that, it means she's back to herself again.  

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