Thursday 22 September 2016

A Bitter Sweet Day

Everyone woke up a little bit different this morning, The mood was positive but anxious, today was the day that River was to go in and have her operation and although none of us wanted it to happen it would be making her better again and sorting out thing to prevent further problems, a bitter sweet day.
I knew my Daddies would be needing my support and River of course so as much as I didn't feel like it I tried to get a few morsels in me, I knew I would need to be in tip top form myself.

River of course being the happy little thing she is decided to sleep in, not a care in the world, guess that's what happens when you are born with a happy disposition.
When she did eventually come down she went outside with our daddies to do her morning things. Of course she was more interested in sitting on one of our daddies lap and just calmly wake herself up.
I wanted to give her a hug but decided not to try and push my way on, a lap can only spread so much and I wanted her morning to be as comforted as possible so I stayed close by on the floor, trying to do silly things with the string on the bench cover to make her laugh.
It was then time to go. I saw them off although I don't know if they saw me looking at them through the window she seemed more intent on trying to get Daddy to open the window.
I then came back outside into the garden. There's not a lot I can do now things are being left to the specialists and they came good with me so I'm not unduly worried although as a cat collective there are some things we can do.

I called out the cat call to the rest of Catworld, now was a time for all cats throughout the land to access the cat information network, join as one, concentrate and send out cat healing thoughts, our catty powers for healing are renowned and today more than ever before I'm going to need everyone to join in. Heal, HEAL, HEAL.  

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