Friday 23 September 2016

The Day Shift

It was a disturbed night for us last night. 

I suppose it was my anxiety but I just couldn't settle even though everyone else was trying to.

Our daddies put loads of duvets and stuff on the floor and set up a little area for River with water and food and a mat in case she needed to go to the bathroom, no going outside on her own not at that time of night.

They all eventually fell asleep but I couldn't drop off, I guess I just couldn't rest, it's been a very worrying few days, even though positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

Of course not long after everyone dropped off River decided she didn't like her position and moved in between the daddies, the thing they weren't that keen on happening in case they rolled on her and she wasn't able to move like she usually is. I stood guard to make sure that didn't happen and if it looked likely I could go and wake them up.

About 5 River started licking her leg and disturbed Daddy who got up and put her collar on to stop it from happening, she didn't any her anti itch tablet last night, they barely got water down her throat.

After that everyone went back to sleep, I even for a few minutes but woke as the birds began to sing.

Amazing how things look different in the day light. River seemed a bit more herself and Daddy even managed to get her to eat some steak with her pills hidden inside.

As they have things under control and the day shift begins I'm off out, I need some alone time and maybe a bit of cat company. 

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