Tuesday 20 September 2016

He Wanted To Speak To Me

I was just out enjoying my morning nose around, seeing how the Little Lemon Tree was doing, quiet big these days as it turns out. 
When Daddy and River came bounding out. They had some washing to hang up but he also said he wanted to speak to me so if I could hang around he'd appreciate it.
He got River settled on his lap and then began.
He said we must be extra special kind and attentive to River in the next few days. She was going to have to go in for a little operation on Thursday, similar to the one I had a while back and also to have a little hernia fixed.

Nothing to worry about, all pretty standard but still it was a big thing for any little darling to have to go through and as I'd been through it before I should understand and be able to help River through it, in case she got worried.

Well she certainly doesn't look too worried all cuddled up on his lap but I know what he means it was fine with me when I had it so I'll be able to give her the benefit of my experience. 

Also I'm not to be passing River treats again, she's got an allergy and they need to find out what might be causing it so no more sneaky food fun. Now that part is going to be harder to get under control, it's our little thing pinching food when they're not looking and sharing it, but if it's for the best I shall do my best to keep it all to myself.

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