Saturday 20 September 2014

Magic's Coming Back

Closer and warmer, the others are next to me now, a sort of known unison between me and my travelling companions. Warmer I feel warmer and stronger I grow and stretch my limbs I'm beginning to feel again.

I can't move them yet, not through my own free will I can't, but yes I can feel my legs again for the first time in so long, for the first time since going down that rainbow hole.

I'm so happy, another emotion that I'm able to remember now. I'm glad for that old friend of mine. Some memories I forget while others grow stronger. I suppose if I needed to remember something then I would and if it's gone it's gone for a reason, no need to worry, peace of mind surrounds my soul.

I'm feeling so much better now, like I've had a rested sleep and am just about to wake up and stretch out all the bubbles in my bones, rejuvenated again. This is more like it, that old magics coming back!