Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Never Forget

I'm still feeling very queezy but I must ignore it, it's beginning to distract me, taking me away from my memories. 

Right think of things from before, Dreamies, yes Dreamies oh how I loved the taste, sharing them with my friends, under the moonlight back of the garden but I can't seem to remember who with. Why can't I remember?

Garden yes focus on the garden, picture it tand remember it, flowers and grass, ah yes the grass how I loved sitting on the grass in the summer sun, warmth and fun, sand lots of noise, laughter and...laughter and something else.

What's that noise? 

Barking yes barking, a dog barking, RIVER! 

Oh River yes I remember you how could I ever have forgotten you, you were such a big part of my life, oh how I miss my little sister all paws and licking, how she irritated me in the beginning and how I grew to love her with all my heart. Never forget, I must never forget if I'm to find my way back home from the strange, strange place.