Friday 1 July 2016

Ooh, Ooh - I Forgot To Tell You

Ooh, ooh what with my daddies going on holiday and the Daddymummy coming to look after us and all this drama with Europe and everything I forgot to tell you, I had an important message from Mogsie the other day and it seems there's been a mishap in their place.

Hi David,
We had absolute chaos over our house yesterday morning! If you were sitting in the window you might have seen it. I was in the kitchen with my Mum having a pit stop and my Dad was outside the back door when all of a sudden my Mum and me heard this weird noise coming from in the lounge. We rushed out of the kitchen to see Twizzle all tied up in the net curtains about half way up swinging round and round. My Mum shouted for my Dad and rushed over to Twizzle and grabbed her but the curtain was twisted round and round her little paw and she was crying so piteously! I couldn't do anything to help her as my Mum and Dad tried to get her paw free and my Dad was shouting "hold her up higher" but my Mum couldn't as she was holding Twizzle as high as she could and Twizzle was so frightened that she kept biting my Mum! They finally got Twizzle free but she said to me that she thought her arm was going to come out of it's socket. Then I noticed that there were two big rips in the curtain but I didn't say anything as they'd soon be noticed! Twizzle needed a rest then to get over her ordeal so I went back in the garden so she could get some peace and quiet. Luckily she seems alright today. Apparently she had seen a ginormous wasp and tried to catch it - good thing I didn't see the wasp as there would have been more than two rips in the curtain with my weight climbing up. There would probably have been no curtain left! 
Your friend