Friday 8 July 2016

Such Cheek Without Response.

I was sitting in the window with River watching Twizzle take her daddy for a walk and Mogsie enjoying the last of the afternoon sun when all of a sudden River started barking.

I looked down to see bold as brass Chameleon nonchalantly walking right under the window.

I thought he was about to try and jump in the window but he carried on walking by. My heckles went up, how dare he. I was about to have a rant at him then I saw him cross the road...
...and walk right towards Mogsie. 

Then something really surprising happened, he walked right by Mogsie and Mogsie just stared at him. I know he said I should leave the New Cat Crew and Foxy to him, he has his plan, but I did not expect Mogsie to take such cheek without response. I'm guessing it's all in his plan, I just wish I knew what it was.

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