Thursday 14 July 2016

Rest In Peace My Darling Friend

I'm feeling very, very sad right now.

I was settled down with Daddy this afternoon, just having a bit of a rest and chill-out watching River sleeping with that ridiculous contraption around her neck when there was a knock on the door.

Daddy went and answered it and I heard him talking to his friend the lady over the road.

My ears pricked up when I suddenly heard him say he was so sorry.

I moved a little closer to the door, I couldn't quite work out what they were talking about but I could hear he wasn't his usual self that's when I understood and my heart dropped.

George it appears has not been himself this past day or so, not really eating much and laying around. His mum and dad took him to see the doctor who did some tests and scans and things and it turns out he really wasn't well at all.

For a moment hope fought it's way into my mind before going away again, there was nothing that they could do for him. My poor friend was going to join Lil' and Emma.

I could hardly believe it, not someone so strong, so loyal or kind to me, not my friend my very good friend George, it couldn't be but sadly it was.

I came back to my seat and lay down tears rolling down my cheeks. George was the first cat around here to make friends with me, he was my mentor, my adviser and my confidant.

I'm so sad for his family and so upset for myself, things will just not be the same around here. No more will I hear the call of my name, look out the window and see my mate with the weepy eye smiling back at me. I'm gutted.

Rest in peace my darling friend, you will never be forgotten. May the tears that we will all shed today and over the coming days join to form a beautiful stream and ease your journey towards our friends waiting for you as you sail on a boat of our love. Catworld will never be the same again but your legacy will live on. You were one of a kind.