Thursday 17 September 2015

Love Connected Them

"Ursa, Ursa." Leopold suddenly stood up, a worried look washing his face.

The Darling, Darling sitting nearby half stood up, looked and Leopold and looked back at Ursa, who stopped trying to get the fire to light and ran over towards Purlean, her face matching Leopold's.

Bob came running back from the undergrowth stopping next to The Darling, Darling, who moved slightly closer so there bodies touched.

Ursa lay next to Purlean, softly stroking her hair as a clearly terrified Purlean looked back. Love connected them, at that moment, a clear line, a wave of something visible yet clearly visible moving between them.

"BOB!" Ursa called out. "BOB!"

"I'm here Ursa, I'm here!" Bob hesitated not knowing whether to go closer to Ursa or stay where he was.

"BOB," she turned to face him.

"Get that fire working, we need some hot water, it's not long now, the first is on it's way."

Bob and The Darling, Darling instantly got up, Bob running over to the fire as The Darling, Darling hit the flint stone Ursa had been using to light a spark, with his nails, Bob blowing furiously on imaginary sparks.

"Why doesn't he just use the light from his lantern to start the fire?" I asked The Fly.

"Glow worms not real fire in that old thing, much more fuel efficient and the worms like it, now shhh!" He put his hand to my mouth.

I turned to face Leopold, frozen to the spot, not a clue what to do as he looked at Ursa, comforting her precious Purlean, nothing else in the world mattering.