Wednesday 23 September 2015

My Jaw Could Have Hit The Floor

I was just digesting my dinner, chicken and crunchies with a few Dreamies as a dessert when I spotted George out of the window on the other side of the road.
I'd not seen him for ages and luckily Daddy still had the window open so I jumped up there and called over a hello.

"Hi," he shouted back.

"How's things going? I've not seen you in ages, what you been up to?" 

Well I wasn't expecting his answer.

"I've been in hospital and then when I came out I was confined to house rest, I was only let out yesterday."

My jaw could have hit the floor.

"Are you OK? What, what on earth has happened to you."

George smiled back, "Don't worry I'm properly on the mend now, I had a head abscess, can't you see they've had to shave half my head. I think I quiet like it, a bit of a new take on a mohawkan."

How he could joke about such a thing I don't know, he's made of tough stuff that George.

"I'm so sorry you've been through all this, as long as you are OK now."

George smiled back and nodded. "Please don't worry, really I'm doing so much better now and you know my mum and dad, I don't think it's possible for anyone to give me better care. I got lucky with them although I think I've put Mogsie and Twizzles noses out of place a bit, I'm getting the main bed at the moment."

A cheeky grin spread over his face and he winked, that's when I realised he was OK and I think secretly he enjoying getting one over on Mogsie, I've heard tales that those two have a bit of a love hate relationship.