Sunday 29 November 2015

We Needed To Make A Big Fuss

Well I never. Daddy and I got up early, leaving River and my other Daddy to have a lay in. 
I love these early morning times together, we get to chat together and Daddy told me that today we needed to make a big fuss of River as it was her anniversary, 3 years ago today she came to live with us.

I've not been here that long but I remember what it was like when I had my one year anniversary, it's a second sort of birthday so I was all ready when she came down the stairs to give her a big kiss and a hug.

She looked so confused bless her and went over to Daddy for him to explain it. She sat down and thought for a while then I saw that look in her eye and decided it was time that I was off, we were about to be in for a mad one! 

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