Saturday 14 November 2015

Times We Share Together

Saturday morning and it's just me and Daddy downstairs, River and my other Daddy are both snoring away tucked up in bed.

We've been tidying up, well Daddy has I've been inspecting his work. Us cats are known for our keen eye for cleanliness and design and I've got to say he's not done a bad job, polished everything, hands and knees floor washing, dusting and binning rubbish.

I do love these times that we share together, just the two of us, a few special minutes as I follow him around the house uninterrupted, so serene, so peaceful and so successful too, Daddy leaves a dreamie on the floor for me when he's finished in a particular spot as a thank you for my help.

Ahhh vanilla candles, the start to this day can't get any better.