Tuesday 8 March 2016

He Understood, He Was A Cat!

"All the rest of that day and the night when everyone slept and I watched on from a distance the words rang in my head, I had to stop Purleans family from finding her.

I had no idea how I would achieve this but it seemed imperative that it happened. I could worry about that later, my biggest concern was how on earth was I to follow Ursa, The Darling, Darling, Leopold, Purlen and her little kittens across the sea.

Ursa had been busy getting everyone to collect wood and over the course of the night she'd fashioned a raft-cum-boat thing and since daylight had broken Bob had been loading it up with supplied gathered from the forest floor."

Theo, sat up, licked a paw his eyes wide and alert. "What did you do?"

I smiled back. "What us cats do best, I waited until no one was watching and then sneaked myself on, amongst the piles of hay they had gathered as bedding. I buried myself in deep and just prayed that I was still invisible to everyone. Little did I know they'd take another three days to get themselves completely sorted before we left for England. Lucky us cats are also creatures of great patience, although I did feel stiff keeping so still for so long"

Theo nodded, he understood, he was a cat!