Thursday 24 March 2016

Everything Started Off OK

"Well everything started off OK. I've always been good with water so being adrift on a raft in the middle of the sea wasn't something that was every going to worry me much although the cramped conditions and the fact that I'd hardly moved for the past three days and hadn't eaten anything for ages did begin to concern me."

Theo nodded, he knew what I meant.

"Night time in the middle of the ocean is an amazing affair. It's surprisingly brighter than you think. The moon was at three quarters reflection bouncing off the gentle waves. The sky, oh Theo if only you can one day see the sky at night in the middle of an ocean. It's like the fairy lights on a Christmas tree, thousands upon millions of stars, arching like a bridge across the horizon. I sat there for ages just looking up, it total awe."

Theo's eyes widened, a glint of excitement.

"My daddies love looking at the sky at night around here, when the clouds are clear I can hear them saying how beautiful it looks, they haven't seen anything compared to what I saw."

I smiled at Theo, "Maybe one day we can go and I can show you."

"Um, not too keen on water myself." He visibly winced.

Not his kind of thing then. I carried on

"When I was sure everyone as asleep, hunger driving me forward I crawled out of my hiding place and over to the food store at the back of the raft. I found some fish that Bob had caught and cooked before we left and helped myself to some. I didn't realise just how hungry I was and got lost in a second piece, juice all over my lips, that Bob can really cook. That's when I heard a hello from behind me. I froze, not sure what to do, as much as I didn't mind water I really didn't fancy the idea of being discovered and thrown overboard and was praying the hello was for someone else."

Theo gasped, mouth open. "What did you do?"

"As much as I hoped it was for someone else I knew the hello was for me and eventually turned."

"Hello," Purlean smiled back at me, "I wondered when you was going to come out. There's no need to worry, I've been keeping an eye out for you. I think we should talk, grab yourself another piece of fish and pass me one would you."