Monday 8 August 2016

He Lived There Form 1909 to 1929 - He Lived There From When He Was Born Until He Was 7 in 1974

How exciting. Daddy just showed me a message he got from his friend S all about a very special cat called Mike who lived in The British Museum back in the olden days, just like Daddy did.

He lived there from 1909 to 1929 and he helped to guard the front gate, Mike that is not Daddy, he's not that old, he lived there from when he was born until he was 7 in 1974. Daddy showed me a picture and said as a little boy he used to play in the front gate with the guards as well.

Mike was so famous and when he died lots of newspaper reported on it. He must have been very special.

Oh yes and Daddy said today was also a very special day for all cats, a day of celebration because today is International Cat Day. Wow!