Friday 19 August 2016

They'd Come To Visit Us - Very Informative

I was just out the back keeping one eye out for Sofia and one eye out for Ginger Cat when I heard a commotion indoors. I came in to see what was going on and why River was calling out for me. The all settled down was the Daddydaddy and Daddymummy. They'd come to visit us.

The thing was River was a bit concerned that our Daddies were going to go away on holiday again and she didn't want them too. She didn't like it last time they went away as for the first time she didn't see them go, they were just gone in the morning when she woke up and it upset her.

I said not to worry we could keep an eye on them. She jumped on Daddies lap to keep him pinned down...

...and I keep an eye n our other Daddy to make sure I'd be forewarned if he came down the stairs with any cases.

But they he didn't so after about half an hour River relaxed herself and I was allowed to go about my business.

Usually I'd run upstairs and get some alone time but I didn't like it that she'd got herself so worried so I decided to stick around, just to reassure her like.

AND of course it's interesting to eavesdrop on their conversations, yes very informative.

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