Saturday 27 August 2016

Pssting At Me From Within The Foliage


I quickly scanned the garden. Nothing


It came again, this time my hearing hadn't quiet settled to resting to I was able to pin point the sound to somewhere in the direction of the Peace Garden.


Quick as a dash my eyes spotted Sofia pssting at me from within the foliage.

I quickly ran over to her, smile on my face.

"I've missed you, where you been?" Before I could think caution the words were out my mouth. Sofia smiled back at me.

"Me to." She bent her head slightly to hide an independent smile. I smiled out and in, it was lovely to see her.

"Are you OK, I've been worried about you."

No filter this morning for me.

"Yes I'm fine, I just needed to keep a low profile for a while, till some of the heat died down."

I nodded, "Did you hear about George?"

Sofia nodded a sad look over her face. "Yes Mogsie came and told us. He was a nice fellow."

I nodded, "A really good friend to me."

"To all." Sofia chimed in we both nodded a silence joining the wind bristling in the trees.

Sofia broke the silence, "I'm sorry if you were worried but things were getting to out of control with Flash and all that."

"I know, it's been very quiet recently."

"A temporary truce I think Mogsie said, out of respect for George. Chameleon came and delivered the message to Mogsie and Mogsie came and told us."

"That would explain it." I wasn't sure what to say, I suddenly felt very self conscious.

"Doublay's decided he needs to get completely out of the district, did you know."

I shook my head, my lips not moving but inside frustrated, one of the potential new Coven of 3 now gone for sure. I know Ginger Cat was on the case and their were still Theo and me but we needed as many witches familiars as possible to come and help. I still didn't say anything.

"Come, follow me, let's have some fun, we've not done that for a while." Her smile warmed.

"Come on then, what do you have in mind?"

"Whatever comes along."

With that Sofia was off over the back wall, me quickly behind.