Saturday 20 August 2016

Saturday - Totally In My Own Space

I've had a very nice Saturday. 

Daddy went out this morning and left just River, Daddy and me in the house. River was playing outside with Daddy as he stumbled around the back garden in the rain trying to bring the washing hanging out before either it or he got drenched. I took the advantage of having a lay on the new window day and night bed.

River has of course dominated the it...

...and the chair lately so I enjoyed moving between the two, totally in my own space.

Daddy eventually came back and with a beep, beep in he came with his cousin J. I nodded a quick hello and retreated to the table when I could see River playing tomfoolery on the breakfast bar as they all say around chinwagging.

I was off, the potential for slippages and spillage with such a packed space was so high I needed not to be around such stress.

So I went upstairs and had a sleep on the bed. I musy have been asleep for hours in some sort of a lovely dream that I can't remember now as when I came down... was dark and River had reclaimed the new bed in the window. Nice while it lasted.

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