Sunday 6 November 2016

A Manic Laugh Coming From His Mouth

Oh my goodness, I can hardly catch my breath.

I was just having a little meander through the garden when all of a sudden without any warning Flash jumped out on me. i had no idea he was there he must have crept in sometime earlier and was sitting waiting for someone to walk by.

"My treasures!" He hissed, "I've come for my treasures!" A manic laugh coming from his mouth, his smelly breath pungent in my face almost making my eyes water.

I spun and turned to face him, my breath already gone.

"Go away!" I shouted.

"No chance!" He laughed and took another step towards me. "You've had enough time, I want my treasures NOW!"

I took a swipe at him and hissed, my tail doubling in size before turning and flying through the luckily open cat flap.

River and both my daddies jumped up and ran towards the back door to see what had frightened me just in time to see Flash jumping over the fence. I thought all of that had died down, I guess not.

Oh where's Mogsie when you need him, Flash is surprisingly strong, I know now I need help.