Saturday 19 November 2016

I Was Confused

I've just had a very unexpected visitor.

I had just manged to avoid River and her mad ten minutes running around like a whirling dervish when I heard a tiny little "Hello." coming from outside.

I jumped up to the window ledge to find Chameleon looking back up at me. He looked a little sad.

"Hello," I replied "How are you?" 

To be honest I was a bit thrown, we've never really been what you could call friends.

"I'm OK." He paused like he had something else on his mind.
"Have you seen Mogsie or George?"


I was so confused, George hasn't been with us for ages, a pang of loss bolted through my body.

"No, I've not seen Mogsie today." I wasn't sure what to say but continued anyway. "George passed away a while ago."

"Oh." Chameleon looked sad, "Of course he did, I must have forgotten. Thanks anyway."

And with that he nodded and walked away.

I do hope he's OK, it's a bit of a big thing to forget.