Tuesday 12 January 2016

Yeah Good Luck With That

Daddy is not feeling very well today, poor thing was up and down all of last night. Of course it didn't disturb me I sleep in the office and as such have a fantastic view right out the door of everything that's going on and I could see him back and forth to the bathroom but I can drop off at the shake of a cats tale.

It must be bad he's never off work sick I heard Daddy say to River it's been years since he last was and we must be as quiet as a mouse, I don't think I can manage that but I can be as quiet as a cat and that's much better. Today Daddy went into work but was back within half an hour and has spent the whole day in bed with my other Daddy downstairs doing his best to keep River quiet while he worked, yeah good luck with that.

I do hope he's better soon, I hate seeing him like this, it's just so unlike him.

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