Tuesday 5 January 2016

That's Where I Made My Fatal Mistake

It's cold out today, very cold, so Daddy put the heating on early and it got very warm inside. So warm I found it really hard to keep awake and as River was asleep on Daddy in the window I nabbed the back of the sofa, one of my favourite places.
I woke up to the sound of Daddy getting up off his chair, he's never that quiet, oh you should hear him when he's emptying the dishwasher it's like being in the middle of a Greek plate smashing party.

Anyway he went up to the table and started to tidy up the bric-a-brac on the table. I decided to jump up there to see what he was up to only to discover he'd knocked over a number of treats all over the top.
Being the sharing kind I called River over to come and join in my bounty and knocked a few Dreamies on the floor for her, that's where I made my fatal mistake. I should have realised River + Dreamies = River high. I jumped off the table when everything had been consumed thinking I could return to my seat on the sofa and sleep it off until dinner time.

Yeah well River had other ideas and decided it was time to go mad and chase me all over the sofa, living room floor, cutting off my exit upstairs. I had to hide in the plant by the back door to get to a place where I knew she couldn't. I won't be making that mistake again, always make sure you have an exit strategy!

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