Monday 18 January 2016

Foxy Lectar Is Back!

Well my little game with River didn't last too long. I was really enjoying teasing her when all of a sudden she started to bark her head off and jump off the back of the sofa, Daddy jump up from his chair and go running after her as she headed for the back door.
I jumped out and up onto the table just in time to see Daddy grabbing River as she made an attempt out the back door. I looked up and there on the shed at the back of the garden I saw what was causing all the commotion.

Foxy Lectar is back!

He turned to face me and grinned,

"I can see you've been digging in the gardens," he snarled;

"Treasure's, I've come for the treasures!" He laughed before running off.

He must mean the work Daddy has been doing in the front garden, what could he be looking for that was so important for him to come in broad daylight. I didn't know, I couldn't think, I need to speak to George or Mogsie urgently, he had scared me, my blood was running cold!

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