Tuesday 9 February 2016

A Very Quiet Few Days

It's been a very quiet few days, yes very quiet.

I've been keeping watch out, mainly from the office window, it's a great view from up there and just a quick run into the bedroom to look out the back but thankfully there's been no sign of Foxy Lectar on either side of the house.

I have spotted George and Mogsie briefly deep in conversation but they've not come over this way. George did spot me earlier on today and nodded a greeting but as he hasn't come over I'm guessing things are OK although I do wonder what they are up to. I thought there was going to be a cat council meeting arranged after the last one was cancelled but no, nothing, no information, not informed. 

Still if there was something to worry about I'm sure one of them would have come over to let me know.

I guess I've just got to carry on doing what I'm doing and keep my fingers crossed, although something tells me Foxy is not going to give up searching for the buried treasures, which we know aren't actually buried anymore.

Oh my head!