Saturday 20 February 2016

I Did Spot Something Very Unusual

Just me up at the moment, everyone else is asleep upstairs.

I've tried to wake them by tapping on the bedroom door and although I heard River sniff a little she didn't make enough noise to wake my Daddies up and get them to open the door so I'm having to amuse myself.

I've already been out in the back garden searching for signs of Foxy but none discovered so I guess we've had a Foxy free night.

I then went up into the front window to see is Mogsie or George was around, I've not seen them this past couple of days and so haven't had time to tell them about Foxy's visit the other night yet. I didn't see them but I did spot something very unusual a FOR SALE sign has gone up over at E's house.

I wonder who the new people will be who move in?

I bet River will be very interested to find this information out, I'm off back upstairs to whisper it through the door, that should get her blood going and maybe, just maybe she'll be able to wake my Daddies and they will come down and give me some Dreamies. Yes that sounds like a perfect plan!