Sunday 3 April 2016

All In All A Productive Experiment

I have no idea what everyone else is up to River and both my daddies have been gone out all of the day.

I'm used to them popping out for the odd hour so I spent the first hour just asleep, well dozing in the window waiting for them to come back. I was a little surprised when the second hour came and still no sign.

I wandered up to my dinner plate, a few crunchies had been left for me so I had a bit to eat and then wandered outside, it's such a lovely warm day a shame to waste it inside.

I had a look around to see if anyone was around, they weren't so I decided to search around to see if Foxy or Flash or any of the New Cat Crew had been digging around in the garden overnight, they hadn't.

By this time they've been gone, well at least three hours, and I was getting bored so decided to go searching. searching for Nadia. I overheard my daddies the other day saying it was getting very close to the time that she woke up after her Winter sleep.

I haven't found her yet but I have found a bit of tissue, a button and some twigs ff the tree from the storm the other night, all in all a productive experiment.