Tuesday 26 April 2016

I Had Totally Forgotten

I had totally forgotten today was Daddies birthday until I heard River catwalling her version of Happy Birthday so I decided I'd better make an appearance.
Wish him a fabulous Happy Birthday and all that. I went and had a lay down on the table amongst the bric-a-brac and had a little snooze, waiting for my mid morning Dreamies drop when all of a sudden great noise and casternation from outside.
Up to the window I jumped in time to see a load of men with poles in their hands coming up the path.

Such noise for an hour or so and ta dah! All that for one roof tile come off in the storm last month.

Oh hi Nadia! eaten anything yet? 

I then had a lovely afternoon asleep on the bed upstairs, all on my own, all by myself. As I smelt dinner being cooked I decided to return to the fold to be greeted by a very excited River with tales of her adventures that day and some art installation that's been put in.

No idea what she's banging on about, very rarely do but I do love her so.

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