Monday 25 April 2016

That's That Little Emergency Taken Care Off

Well there's that little emergency taken care off.

The day started off a little strange. Both my daddies are home today, it's daddies birthday tomorrow so he's got the week off and today was a lazy beginning.

I should have realised something was amiss when I was allowed to jump up on the bed and cuddle in with Daddy and River when my other Daddy had a bath.

Straight down he went after the bath, I followed it's always best to catch him when he's tired he's more likely to dish up a generous portion of Dreamies without much arguing.

Today I was a little slower than normal, I didn't have to lead him, straight to the Dreamies box he went to and tipped the entire contents on the floor.

I looked at him surprised, no he hadn't slipped he meant it they were all for me, I got a confirming head rub.

That's when I knew something was amiss. He went straight to the back door and out to the garage. I scoffed down the Dreamies, there was also always the chance that River would hear the packet rattle, she often does and then comes and eats half my bounty so I had added motivation to get them down my neck. I didn't lose all sense lost on a Dreamies high so as quickly as I could I jumped up on the table amongst all the bric-a-brac, that's when it happened.

In his hand the box to go to the Doctor's in!

I was on my toes, no way, nope, nada, do one! I'm not going back in that contraption, I don't mind the Doctor, they're alright it's the box and the journey scares the crap outta me.

I hid very well, he didn't find me although he went all around the house twice, lifting things and banging, rattling another Dreamies bag. I'm not stupid you can't outwit a cat with such temptations, although the temptation is great.

Now I've heard him rebook for Friday I'll come out and claim those Dreamies on offer and as for Friday, we'll see.