Friday 15 April 2016

No Good Decisions Are Made In Anger

You know what, hours later and I'm still livid at the audacity of Flash and his gang, thinking they can try and intimidate me.

I know Mogsie and George are on the case but I'm not sure they've the same sense of urgency as I have regrading this lot. I mean Doublay's missing and since I've spoken to George nothing seems to be happening.

I know they both look out for me, that's not in question, but I just don't seem to be seeing or hearing of any sort of plan.

Maybe I should calm down a bit I know no good decisions are made in anger and I'm too angry at the moment to be thinking straight.

Maybe I should take a leaf out of River's book and not give a monkeys but I guess it's just not in my nature. If I don't hear of a cohesive plan this weekend I'm going to take matters in my own hand, outnumbered or not!