Friday 29 April 2016

Drat. He Got Me

I should have known, I should have remembered, too many easy Dreamies has a cost and a consequence.

Drat. He got me and put me in the box. I'd totally forgotten I had to go to the Doctors today after managing to side step it earlier on in the week.

River was not impressed and barked at Daddy to let me out.

He didn't and River was no help in helping me escape she just kept on jumping backwards in circles getting herself all excited.

I knew I couldn't escape and just needed to accept the inevitable. I was going to the Doctors.

I don't mind it when I'm actually there, they are nice and the injections they give me don;t hurt me one bit. I just hate the box and the journey.

Still it was soon over and back home where River had been waiting for us to return in the window the whole time.

She loves a box.

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