Saturday 16 April 2016

New People

New people are moving in to E's old house this morning.

I first saw some movement over there yesterday, back and forth with lots of cleaning type things, cars coming and going a lot of activity and I heard my daddies talking saying they wondered what they were like.

I didn't take too much notice I had a lot of other things on my mind and was too distracted but today's a different matter, now that I've had time to calm down.

A big van drew up not that long ago, I'm guessing that's their furniture, and Mogsie has just gone over for a proper inspection. I expect he'll be able to tell if they have a cat moving in with them or not I just hope he comes this way I need to speak to him about all this Flash and Foxy Lectar palaver, and of course he can give me the low down on the new people in the street as well.