Sunday 2 October 2016

My Best Doggie Friend

Today is River's birthday.

Of course as soon as I heard her downstairs I went to give her a kiss and say Happy birthday.

Of course I hung around with her at points during the day when she was in but I really enjoyed being left alone with my thoughts about my darling friend to, so many memories.
As soon as I came here she welcomed me with open arms and a licky tongue. It's nothing new it's pure River. No one she comes across she doesn't instantly view as a friend and let it be known. Her loving nature helped me to settle in with my new family, so much goodness pumping from her heart all around can do nothing less than instill trust and love and a feeling of belonging and being wanted.

When I missed my mummy when I was very little River stepped in offering up milk less comfort and a warm coat to snuggle up with.

Rarely turning down a game no matter how tired she might be, rough and tumble in a softly loving way, hide and seek with cheek. Endless hours of exercise. Oh how we laugh.

And oh how scared we were recently when she had to go in for her operations, I know more serious than our daddies let on, breath held waiting for the phone call from the doctors to say she was OK, tears of relief danced down our faces when daddy smiled at me phone at ear.

Happy birthday my best doggie friend, my darling little River what would we ever do without you.

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