Monday 31 October 2016

Today Is A Double Celebration Day For Me

Today is a double celebration day for me. 
First of all it's Halloween, a very special night for a Witches Familiar.

I'm intending to go out and about on the town, well district, tonight so I thought it best if I spent the day sleeping, just so I wouldn't be too tired tonight. I want to go out and harvest the atmosphere of this incredibly important day see if I can soak up some of that Halloween magic.

My peace was disturbed by a very excited River, coming up first of all to wish me a very loud HAPPY HALLOWEEN right in my ear and just when I thought she'd forgotten she came running back and giving me the biggest kiss and cuddle wished me a happy 2 years today joining the family, before chasing me like a mad thing all over the house.

I didn't mind I feel so lucky having the family I have, even my daddies remembered this morning I got the biggest pile of Dreamies and Dentabites I could ever think possible as well as the longest cuddle.

Indeed today is a very lucky day for me.

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