Saturday 1 October 2016

See If There Was Any News

It's been a very lazy day today..'s pretty much rained cats and dogs all day and as much as I love the rain it was coming down too hard for me.

River's post operation protective gown has come off today, it means she very much is on the mend now. I'm so relieved, I don't like her being not herself and I've missed my playmate.

But it does mean I'm getting my proper amount of attention again now, hours on Daddy.

And of course I'm allowed to cuddle up with River a lot more now. It's nice to hear her natter away even if I don't really listen to everything she says.

Her snoring woke me up. She looked so peaceful I left her on her own and as the rain had stopped and the sun had come out I went to have a look out of the window to see if I could see anyone, see if there was any news about the new people over the road, news of any new cats.

No one was around.

Until I was joined by River, who is her enthusiasm at her new lease of life and energy managed to push me off the window ledge.

I didn't mind though, I quickly jumped up on the foot stool next to Daddy and got a belly rub.

And then a full body bathe from River, her loving side is beaming out today, things are getting back to normal.

We even got to have a bit of a play outside when the rain stopped. Although Daddy did tell River not to jump or run too fast, she needs building back up again slowly to prevent any injuries.

Try telling her that, especially now she's just found out tomorrow is her birthday. Let the mayhem commence.

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