Monday 26 December 2016

Keeping My Biscuits To Myself

As much as I enjoy having family and friends around I'm the sort of cat that prefers to sit in the background rather than take centre stage. I'll save that for those who like the limelight. I like to sit and watch proceedings, participating when I choose to and not when called.
Although sometimes I will join them, keeping my biscuits to myself, just pottering on with my day. 
I looked out for my friends, Mogsie or Twizzle to say hi from over the road but I didn't see any of them. At this time of the year I do like to hang around with other cats, we're creatures of habits and Christmas is a very special time for us too. 
The changing of the seasons has commenced the sun has just come out of her three days rest at the shortest day of the year and now she's beginning to rebirth herself and us cats being very spiritual animals follow the same traditions.

A Boxing Day tradition in this house is falling fast asleep I'm learning to adopt that one too.