Sunday 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas Etc

It's been a very long day. It started out quiet early. I had to break into the bedroom to wake River and my daddies up. They were having a bit of a sleep in, I think it was a late night last night and they all needed some assistance. There were presents downstairs and I wanted them opening.
But we had to wait for nanny and granddad to come. It's thirsty work waiting.
But finally they turned up, everyone said hello, Merry Christmas etc,hug, hug, kiss, kiss,
Then finally time to get on with it. Presents for me and David. I got a ball and some treats.
And River got something very perplexing, that confused us all but I was assured by Daddy a laugh later when he got it sorted, I said I was looking forward to that.
Then it was time for dinner, well I thought it was, it actually turned out to be time to wait again. 
And such a fuss when it arrived. Bowls of turkey, not my kinda thing, I prefer my usual food so whinged on until I got it, River however was in heaven.
An afternoon stroll, a bit of a sleep upstairs in the office, getting myself some alone time and the evening finds me back with everyone, watching people's lives on the TV, listening to some quiz daddy had advised and some food tip-bits that I've gone searching for. Yes all in all a very satisfying day. 

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