Monday 5 December 2016

The Bluntest And Most Utterly Charming Lady I Have Ever Met - Christmas Peacock! ?

I was just cuddled up all nice and snug on our new special rest area, our own haven set up just for us both, no visitors required, when in my half awake half dozing state of rest I heard something familiar in the air. My ears pricked up.

Brought back from a dozy position I was now straining my ear muscles,a little neck tension joined in waiting for confirmation or denial or the sound I think I may just have heard although possibly a dream also.

No nothing, OK can rest back but best to keep alert for a while.

"Erling. O-erling."

Waist up alert and prepared, best uncross those legs, ears straining maximum arena extended. Somewhere in the distance.

"Barling, Barrrrling."

Back legs crouched ready to spring, head moving left to right, must locate that sound. Coming closer definitely.

A thud in the back garden the sound of something falling over. I was on the table in seconds using the sofa to propel myself bound and spin.


There at the back of the garden, just underneath the Swinging Heart of Love, next to The Wiseman, there she stood, the bluntest and most utterly charming lady I have ever met,

Arms stretched towards me a smile spread across her face, head cocked 25 degrees southwards.

"Now where's that kiss you promised me." Her tongue, flicked out the side of her mouth quick as a dart, dancing happily with a smile.

"How can you be here?" It just wasn't possible. We'd  met once before and it's never forgotten, but there was no way she could possibly be here.

She flicked her ear, adjusted the small daisy tucked into the edge of her hat, red wool shawl readjusted back to her shoulder, kicking off a bit of dirt from her face she started to walk towards me, arms and smile firmly in place. She really was a beauty my heart remembered it's crush.

Magic charmed that one however I'm experienced in her tricks. I faced her square on, puffed myself out yes chest perfectly large, hair smoothed presentably, then stamped my foot.

"Christmas Peacock! ?"

She wasn't moving a step closer until she'd answered my question. A cat knows when another means business. I raised an eyebrow to emphasise the point.

She stopped, pretended to clean her toe on the grass, found something to clean off her toe that she did't know was there, looked confused, wiped her toe on the grass then looked back up at me bemused.

Seeing my un-budging face staring at her she remembered what she was about to confess to and opened her mouth. Her eyes, wow they are still so sparkling, I could lose myself in those beauties.

"Well..." She began.