Thursday, 14 November 2013

Flash Mob

Second day running and the sun is out even though Daddy just warned me that he read that snow may be on it's way sometime this month. Tut!
Anyway there I was just waking myself up looking out the back window when some movement from my right caught my eye. I was still a bit sleepy so it took me a couple of second to process what I was seeing and there, two houses down, lurking about on the fence I spotted Flash.

It's been ages since he's been around. I did expect to see him trying to make a move when Mogsie was out of action after his trouble with Foxy Lectar but thankfully nothing, I don't know what we would have done if he had tried to make a move at that time with out leader recuperating.

I'm always very nervous when he makes an appearance, there's never a good reason for it and trouble always follows. 

He appeared very cautious, looking left and right before walking along the fence and jumping down into the Naughty Twins garden and out of sight. I didn't see the Flash Mob which as far as I'm aware now only consists of Doublay, since the disbanding of The New Cat Crew. I must try and catch Sarah, the Naughty Twins, Bella or George later to warn them and to find out if they spotted him in their garden.