Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Disappears Daddy is home today, I think he's got an exam or something, to be honest I wasn't paying too much attention as I've been feeling a bit like the change of season has been affecting me this past couple of days.

It doesn't help that I jumped up on the window ledge the other day and banged my toe. It's OK, it's all been thoroughly checked out but it's just made me feel a bit like urghh and when little River decided she wanted to play chase with me this morning I couldn't even be bothered.
Stay Daddy said today he was going to spoil me to cheer me up, first off all a double dose of Dreamies, thank you very much, and then he picked me up and said that only I was allowed into the office today. Good!

Ah it's lovely in here just what I needed, it is the warmest room in the house, yeah Daddy isn't stupid at all bagging that as our office, and he washed my blanket yesterday so it's all nice and lemon smelling, one of my favourite smells.

I've been on his lap and off his lap and even felt my energy levels coming back up again walking all over the window ledge to see what's going on. I wasn't really expecting much as it's been drizzling all morning but I did spot Mogsie hiding out over the road under R's car.
The window was open, despite the rain, so it was easy for us to converse. I think he may have been looking for me as almost as soon as I jumped up there he waved over to get my attention as well. 

I asked if he'd heard or seen anymore of Flash or Doublay and he said he'd not. He said he went over to see Ginger cat yesterday to see if he'd heard anything but it appears they've both gone to ground. Maybe us making our presence felt everywhere was enough to scare them off, or maybe they are biding their time!