Friday 29 November 2013

So It's Been A Year Has It

I've been asleep near enough all day, as soon as Stay Daddy vacated our office I jumped in his seat and snoozed. I love it up here, the warmest room in the house and he's got about ten cushions on this chair, it's so comfy.
Disappears Daddy has been home all day which is rare for a Friday although I didn't know why until now.
Stay came upstairs and gently woke me up and said to me that he had a bit of a treat for me as it's the 1 year anniversary of River joining the family.
Ah so it's been a year has it.

I remember when she first came here, such a small little thing and she looks totally different now. I really wasn't impressed that I'd been invaded as she wasn't like Nadia or AloHa who just mind their own business and don't really bother me. Oh it was so different with River and I've never lived with a dog before, all energy and jumping up and of course it through my world upside down for a while.

The daddies were very good and did their best to make sure she didn't bother me but hey a curious little dog is a curious little dog and they really can't help themselves, well River couldn't. At least I got to keep my place on the bed and as it's turned out I've ended up spending more time with Daddy than ever before, even if it's recently turned out that the office is shared for a couple of hours a day with her. I don't mind I get the entire downstairs to myself when she's up there.

It's taken me a while but I can't image life without her now and we've been getting closer and closer recently and a couple of times we've even fallen asleep next to each other. I should have realised how protective I would become of her the first time she had a bath and I thought she was scared, even though she coped with it a lot better than I would have being in all that water. There I was pacing up and down outside the bathroom door as the Daddies got themselves soaked, thank goodness they've got better at it.

Anyway there I was pondering whether to come down or not when suddenly I smelt something very strong and very tasty. Daddy gave me a stroke and put a plate right next to me. OMG steak, I love steak and even better Daddy says I've got a whole bowl full when I come downstairs.

Come on Daddy what we waiting for, I've got steak to eat and a kiss to give my sister, I do love her.

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