Wednesday 27 November 2013

Clues And Information

Important information has just come through to me by Mogsie.

It's been a quiet day in Catworld, the fog and drizzle hasn't helped and has kept most people indoors. I saw M feeding the lighter Naughty Twin and George earlier on but apart form that nothing much of note I thought was happening.

However it just goes to show how wrong you can be, behind the scene's much activity.

After her lunch the lighter Naughty Twin seemed to be hanging around, acting a bit nonchalant I thought at the time but even though the drizzle has been pretty relentless she was sticking out in it. Then all of a sudden I saw Mogsie heading in my direction. 
I wasn't going out not in this weather so we mouthed at each other through the window. He said he'd been scouting the area for clues and information.

I wondered what he was talking about, clues and information? All very secret Squirrel, no offence Craig!

Anyway he said that when he was on his walkabout last night he'd found a tiny piece of fox hair. Well the hair on the back of my neck stood up at this. He said he thought I might have already known about this as he said he saw Stay Daddy sitting in the window having a little look out, it must have been about 1 he thought.

Well that was highly likely, it was a night of tossing and turning and I'd finally had enough and gone to sleep in the office but I do remember hearing Daddy go downstairs at some point.

He'd been way over the back of his place to have a scout around as he said his catty powers had told him that was the direction to go in.

Um that's a different location than normal, usually if Foxy Lectar is around he comes from the bottom of the road, or from over the back our way.

He said that rumours in that part of Catworld where that there had been a sighting a couple of nights ago but nothing concrete. 

I said I'd keep an eye out in case anything happened and he said he thought it best if we move things up to high amber alert. In the past two weeks Flash and now Foxy um it smells iffy to me.

When he went it suddenly occurred to me, River this past day has kept on going to the back of the garden and barking at something that neither Daddy or I can see, maybe it's related, maybe it's nothing. I'm going to be keeping a close eye on her movements, her nose may come in handy after all.