Saturday, 9 November 2013

Quiet Frankly My Dears, She Didn't Give A Damn

Daddy was keeping River occupied this afternoon which I was quiet pleased about. I was not in a happy mood at all, I've run out of Dreamies and I'm not best pleased. 
Then there was a knock at the door and the Daddymummy was here arms full of things and River spinning on the door with glee. 
She got a couple of belated birthday presents, nice coat, very Scarlett O'Hara

I tend to keep a low profile when we have guests that way I can absorb everything and get a bit of a break from being centre of attention. It also means I get to sneak in the kitchen un-noticed and have first pick of the fish bits plate Daddy always saves for us.

It was when I was out there that I saw the Daddymummy had also brought me two packets of Dreamies, result! Cheers lovely lady.

When I returned to join everyone else I could see River was doing her best feel for me routine to try and get some of the Daddymummies pie even though she knows she's not allowed them.

But quiet frankly my dears, she didn't give a damn!

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