Tuesday, 7 October 2014

And Then All Of A Sudden

For ages I just concentrated on the light on the horizon, loving the opportunity to see colour's so vividly, just like I used to, then all of a sudden a shifting around me distracted me and I lost concentration, searching my mind trying to understand what was going on.

My soft companions trapped in this void started moving, I felt their shapes making different patterns on my form, I began to panic. I've been wanted so much for things to change and then when they did I felt afraid. I've become used to my prison, my holding cell and it wasn't until things did start to change and to move that I suddenly felt safe where I was, I thought I was ready but I wasn't. Then things settled down once more and I felt safe again, I don't think I'm ready to go yet, I wasn't prepared.

Waiting to make sure the movement was over was agony, never sure if at any moment I would be propelled somewhere more perilous than here, and I hardly dared move myself in case it started it all off again for now I do have some movement, albeit limited.

When I was certain I was staying put I started to concentrate again, trying to find that bright light but it was gone, replaced however by an even brighter orange hue drawing me in, drawing me closer, like a sunset bursting through the clouds. How I wanted to go into the light but just like opposing magnets my fear wouldn't let me. I must find my brave if ever I am to escape from here.