Sunday 26 October 2014

Hello, Who's There?

Hello, who's there? I called out.

I scanned the space trying to adjust my sight to locate where the voice was originating from.

Hello, I called again.

The lights slowed down and began to move towards each other. I could have been mistaking what my sight was showing me but a form seemed to be taking shape as the lights moved together in a cloud of colour, something still hidden within the blur, not quite clear.

Hello, I called again this time more hesitantly as I peered at the form made by the lights, trying to see through the blur.

A warm blast came from the lights towards me, wrapping itself all around me.

Hello, came a reply, I could feel my heart beating strong, pounding out, a drum display.

Welcome to the Place of Choice.

I stared at the form, I felt sick.