Tuesday 14 October 2014

Dreams Can Come True

I'm hoping Gabrielle wasn't lying when she sang dreams can come true as I've been having some very vivid one's.

There I was back in the office, back home, trying my best to get Daddies attention. He was working away, and cry out as loud as I could, he just couldn't hear me. I even tried jumping onto his lap and then walking across his computer, as I used to do when he wouldn't pay me the attention I was calling out for but no reaction at all and I just couldn't work out why.

Then I turned and saw River sitting next to him just looking up at me and staring, surprised to see me there she went to open her mouth but before she could say anything someone next to me stretched into my space and woke me up and I found myself stuck here in this dark place and my heart sank. It was so great, even if just for a while, to have forgotten where I was and be back where I really wanted to be. Home!