Friday 31 October 2014

Nice To Meet You - I'm David-Shiro

Well, I never there I was having a little sleep at home when all of a sudden up I was picked straight into the arms of this great big strange man and a little dog came bounding in rubbing noses and licking me.

Was I dreaming all this? No it turns out I wasn't as after a while I was put in a box and put into a car. I've never even been in the garden before let alone a car, I could so have done with another couple of hours. 

I found the car to be a very relaxing experience and fell asleep only waking up to the sound of that dog taping on the box, begging to be let in.
Those two men where there so I felt safe, my old home had a dog so I'm used to them, this one is rather exuberant.
I had to put her in her place, oi you back of a bit and let me get my bearings. I think we'll be friends though she seems a friendly sort. 
I then got to go exploring. Um nice cushions, I think this will be my spot.
River, that's the dogs name, I heard the men call it a lot and apparently when you call her name you must laugh, that's what the men do.
Yes this will do. I think I'm going to like it here.

Oh silly me I forgot my manners, nice to meet you I'm David-Shiro

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